Medication Alternatives for Aggressive, Anxious and Depressed Dogs

Blue Spot Pets offers an alternative to medication for hyper dogs with behavior problems who exhibit one or more of the following behaviors: overly aggressive towards other dogs or people, excessive barking, excessive chewing, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and depression. We can help you with natural, herbal remedies for dogs using our brain chemistry test for dogs. Keep reading for more information about what to do if your dog is depressed and other issues.

Is your dog overly aggressive, and you don’t know why?

Dog aggression towards other dogs or people is a very serious matter. Dog training for aggressive behavior can help, but we can take it further. Other issues we can help resolve is to stop dogs from chewing on furniture and decrease excessive barking.  If your dog is barking out of control to the point that you are getting complaints from neighbors, it is time to get help to control dog barking.

Is your dog hyper or depressed, and you don't know what to do?

Does he sleep all day and you don’t know what to do?  Do you feel guilty leaving him alone, even for a few hours and just doesn’t seem to help? If so, your dog may have an imbalance in their brain that is causing these behaviors. Learn what to do if your dog is depressed, or if your dog shows aggression towards other dogs or people.

Brain Chemistry Test for Dogs

While dog training for aggressive behavior or other issues is an important part of the solution, it can be enhanced or made easier if your dog has a balanced brain. You can use a brain chemistry test for dogs to learn what your dog’s brain chemistry is like. This test is based on a urine sample and costs a little over $100. It will tell you exactly what is going on with your dog’s brain chemistry. Once you know your dog’s brain chemistry, you can modify his diet with supplements for dogs. These supplements are similar to herbal remedies for dogs, because they are natural. Our supplements are derived from amino acids, which are the building blocks of the proteins in a dog’s diet.

Supplements for Dogs

A well designed, comprehensive, Brain Wellness Program is the missing piece of the puzzle for solving your dog’s behavioral and emotional challenges. This medication for hyper dogs complements many behavior modification approaches.  Without a healthy brain it is difficult for the dog to focus and learn the objectives of his training session. Through the use of state-of-the-art testing modalities and pharmaceutical grade supplementation, the Blue Spot Pets Program can make a difference in your pet’s life. The goal of the program is to help pets and their families reach their optimal potential, naturally.
Separation Anxiety Blue Background

Separation Anxiety

Separation from human pack members… stress increases… results in anxiety based behavior……

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Aggressive Dog Behavior Red Backkground

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Some dogs need an attitude adjustment…a balance of their brain chemicals can help with that.…

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Focused Dog Green Background

Attention Span and Focus

If your dog is not focused, he can be. Test and balance the brain chemistry.…

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Dr. Susan Klein - Renowned Veterinarian

Dr. Susan Klein - Renowned Veterinarian

Proponent of the Blue Spot Pets - Brain Wellness Program

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